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Heidi Sharp

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Heidi Sharp

When did you join Farrell's and what was your motivation for doing so? 

My husband, Brant, started in 2012 and I was soon after in 2013. I have asthma and joint/pain issues, so I was nervous! My health and our children who are now 25 and 22 are my motivation! My mother died when she was 59 - way too young.


When did you start teaching classes and what motivated you to do so?

I started coaching new students soon after my 10 Week Challenge was over and began instructing shortly thereafter. I love the relationships we have developed and the opportunity to change lives and bring creativity into the gym - always love shenanigans!


How do you connect with members of the class and how do you motivate, encourage and inspire them to reach their personal best in every class?

I listen to what members want/prefer to get out of the workout and engage with them allowing them to participate in the choice of music. I also like to "spice it up" adding challenges within the workout.


What music do you prefer to work out to and/or play while you are teaching class?

I love it all! My favorite music to work out to is probably hip hop or rock, and I love to sing along to just about anything!


What advice would you give to someone who is considering making a lifestyle change with Farrell's?

Try it! Time passes anyway - what do you have to lose? I work a full-time job, have a son in college playing basketball and I am a cancer survivor with ongoing checkups. Sometimes it's difficult, but we never regret making time for a workout!


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